Fire station blocked after camper van parks in front

Most people are guilty at times of some shoddy parking on the way to the shops, but one camper van in the Coromandel Peninsula may have taken the cake.

A camper van has been photographed parked directly in front of the vehicle bay at the Tairua Fire Station, blocking access for fire trucks.

The picture was posted to popular content sharing site Reddit where the poster alleged the driver had parked in the vehicle bay to stop in at the shops.

In March, an Auckland motorist was slammed for their parking blunder after mistaking a speed bump for a car park.

Images posted on social media showed a car in the Britomart car park parking next to a speed bump and on top of a painted arrow that directs traffic on which direction to drive.

The car was parked in the middle of the driving lane, leaving other motorists struggling to navigate the parking building.

The post, which was captioned “When you can’t be stuffed finding a carpark”, attracted a number comments criticising the driver.

In 2016, a black SUV was spotted half parked in a bus stop and half parked on the road in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn.

“Apparently he tried to parallel park, hit the rubbish bun and then hit the car in front,” the woman who photographed the vehicle said.

“The driver then locked his car and proceeded across the road to the backpackers.

“It was creating a lot of interest as people waited to see if he would come back.”

The picture, which has been shared on Facebook, shows the car parked on a diagonal in the middle of the road, with its front end just over the edge of the bus-stop, right in front of yellow lines.

Across the city in Mount Maunganui, a white car was snapped trying to slip into a far too tiny parking spot.

The badly-parked vehicle was squeezed into a parallel spot on a busy road just inches away from the car in front of it – after apparently hitting it – with its rear left wheel on the pavement.