$1m Lotto winner's surprise engagement planned for Christmas Day

STUFFSam Stubbs shares his thoughts on Lotto.

This follow’s her partner’s $1m Lotto First Division win last Saturday who now plans to get on one knee, pop the question and reveal their newly-minted fortune. 

The Aucklander, who wishes to remain anonymous, is one of 44 Kiwis who became overnight millionaires with Lotto NZ’s games this year. 

He said he was watching Netflix while his partner was asleep in the bedroom when he checked his ticket and found out he had won.

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“I just sat on the couch processing everything. I had so many thoughts rushing through my mind,” he said.

However, he controlled his urge to run to the bedroom and wake up his partner. Instead, he started planning how best to surprise her with the news.

“I’ve been planning to propose to my partner for a while, so this win could not have come at a better time.

“I went to bed that night dreaming up ways to propose – little did she know that all my tossing and turning was because I’d just won $1 million and was hatching a bit of a plan.”

An Auckland man who won $1m in the lottery last week is going to propose to his girlfriend on Christmas Day and break the news of his winnings.
SUPPLIEDAn Auckland man who won $1m in the lottery last week is going to propose to his girlfriend on Christmas Day and break the news of his winnings.

The man has since ordered the engagement ring which he’ll collect this coming week. 

He admits it’s been killing him to keep this big secret from her, but he does believe it’s going to be worth the wait.

“I can’t wait to see her reaction – both to the proposal and then to the news that we’ve won Lotto! It’s going to be a Christmas to remember, that’s for sure,” he said.

2018 has thus far been the second ‘luckiest’ year in Lotto NZ history while 2017 was the ‘luckiest’ year on record with 52 Kiwis becoming millionaires – including 19 Powerball winners.

Lotto NZ’s spokesperson Kirsten Robinson said there are still six draws left for the year.

“Who knows – there may be a few more millionaires added to the list,” she said.

A young man from Central Otago won the biggest Powerball prize of $22.3 million for 2018 in August.

However, the majority of this year’s Lotto millionaires, 16 of the 44, were from Auckland.

Since January 2018:

  • 76 per cent of winners scooped the big one with a Dip.
  • Two lucky Lotto players won a $1 million with a Bonus ticket.
  • 58 per cent of winners said they’d keep working after their win – 56 per cent of Powerball winners said they’d do the same!
  • 54 per cent of winners helped their nearest and dearest with their winnings.
  • 37 per cent of winners indulged in some international travel – flying business class, of course!
  • 32 per cent of winners bought a new house.

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