Diamond-Studded Emirates Aircraft Has Everyone Scratching Their Heads

A picture of an Emirates aircraft covered in bling has gone viral on social media, leaving many impressed and at the same time confused. In the picture an aircraft covered in diamonds can be seen standing on an runaway preparing for a journey. The picture went viral, and while some on Twitter wanted to know if it was real, others were hoping some of the diamonds would drop off as it flew overhead.

Even Emirates tweeted the picture, and from its caption it was confirmed that the plane was a made up picture. It wrote, “Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777. Image created by Sara Shakeel.”

Sara Shakeel, who describes herself as a dentist and an award winning crystal artist on her Instagram page, captioned the picture as, “Waiting for my Ride. So Ladies and Gentlemen, I am officially flying to Milan to fall in love with art, culture, Italy to witness the love #glamourtalentawards has to offer! I have to remind myself and all of you again and again. This all happened cause some of you prayed and some sent love to the universe and God just had to make it happen!! Just an ordinary big eyed – hopeful artist trying to live the best out of the world has to offer! Love you and thank you!!! Can’t wait to share everything with you all! P.s I got a freaking upgrade to Milano!!!!”

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Sara’s picture on her Instagram page was posted four days ago and it has already garnered around 56,639 likes. Some who saw it said that she had created quite a stir with her creation, while others applauded her for her talent. The picture Emirates put out on its Twitter account on December 4 has already got 18,858, been retweeted 7,151 times, and gained 625 comments asking about the picture’s authenticity and if it will even fly.

Emirates Holidays is known for being the best airline around the world, and was announced as the winner of eight awards at the prestigious British Travel Awards in London including Best Luxury Holiday Company 2018. Emirates won in the Best Long-Haul Airline category.