Gang-related shooting in Stokes Valley: 'It's not safe'

Stokes Valley.
GOOGLE MAPSStokes Valley.

The man was shot on Saturday night and taken to hospital in an ambulance with “non-life threatening” injuries, police said.

Police were first informed of the gunfight at 11.56pm. Soon after, they received multiple calls about gunshots going off throughout the valley. But police said later they believed the gunshot sounds were actually fireworks being let off. 

A man in the area, who Stuff has agreed not to name, said he left the area because “it’s not safe”.

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“Police are there because gang members from both sides are starting to gather in numbers,” he said. “Police are in the middle.”

He said there were “lots of families in the area”, and many felt unsafe. 

Police said they would maintain a strong presence in the Stokes Valley area while investigations continued. They are seeking witnesses to contact the Lower Hutt police.